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The holiday season is coming and Netflix is here to help with new shows
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Icon2 The holiday season is coming and Netflix is here to help with new shows

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and Netflix is readying its 2019 holiday series and films for their debut. The line-up of shows releasing throughout the season that will be something for the whole family to enjoy. With shows kicking off on November 1 and new offerings rolling out through the end of December 30, we've got the list ready for you to start your holiday watch party planning.

★ Holiday streaming magic


From classic to current TV shows and movies, and highly rated originals, Netflix has something for everyone to stream at will. They have a great selection of holiday-themed content for 2019 that's sure to have the whole family in the spirit.

From $8.99/mo at Netflix

Netflix Original Holiday Films

Time to get away

Holiday in the Wild

November 1 on Netflix

Kate Conrad books a "second honeymoon" for her and her husband after their son goes off to college. Her husband, however, doesn't feel the same and ends the marriage. Kate goes on the trip alone and develops a relationship with a pilot named Derek while saving a baby elephant. She must decide if this new place and love is the right fit for her.

What could go wrong?

Let it Snow

Most anticipated

November 8 on Netflix

A snowstorm hits a midwestern town on Christmas Eve, and a group of high school seniors will find their lives changed forever on Christmas morning. Between a stranded pop star, a stolen keg, a wild party at the local Waffle Town, and more crazy characters — the friendships and love lives will all be turned upside down. 'Let it Snow' is based on the best-selling book by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle.

No stamp required


November 15 on Netflix

Jesper (Jason Schwartzman) gets stationed on a frozen island north of the Arctic Circle when he earns the postal academy's worst student accolade. There's little use for a postal worker in the town of Smeerensburg when the fighting locals don't exchange letters, let alone words with each other. Ready to give up, Jesper finds a friend in teacher Alva (Rashida Jones), and finds Klaus — played by Oscar® winner J.K. Simmons. Perhaps all is not lost for Smeerensburg when there's friendship to be found.

Magic, knights, and love

The Knight Before Christmas

November 21 on Netflix

Modern-day Ohio gets a visitor during the holidays from a medieval knight Sir Cole, (Josh Whitehouse), who is transported there by a sorceress. Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens) a kind, though love-soured, science teacher befriends Sir Cole to help him navigate the curious time he finds himself in. To return home, Sir Cole must fulfill a mysterious quest, but as he and Brooke grow closer, the knight begins to question if he even wants to go back to his old life.

More than just top of the charts

Holiday Rush

November 28 on Netflix

After his kids lose their mom, the popular New York radio DJ Rush Williams (Romany Malco) has been spoiling them to no end. However, just as he loses his job, the kids show him their expensive Christmas wish lists. His producer Roxy Richardson (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Aunt Jo (Darlene Love) hatch a plan to keep him on the air and help him buy a radio station. To do so, the Willams family will need to pull together, downsize, and reconnect, finding that joy comes from not what you have in your life but who you have in your life.

Beware of the curse

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

December 1 on Netflix

It's Christmastime in Aldovia, and Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) are preparing to welcome their first child. However, before the prince can be born, the renewal of a 600-year-old sacred truce must be renewed with King Tai (Kevin Shen) and Queen Ming (Momo Yeung). When the priceless treaty goes missing, Queen Amber has to find out who the thief is before midnight Christmas Eve or peace will be lost, and the ancient curse is released.

Original Holiday Series

Tea and biscuits

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays: Season 2

November 8 on Netflix

Get ready for another round of inspired goodies because Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are back for another holiday season to judge those tasty treats from some favorite former bakers.

No hammer needed

Nailed It! Holiday!: Season 2

November 22 on Netflix

As another season of Nailed It! Holiday! Comes back prepare yourself to watch another round of bakers destroy the kitchen and confuse the taste buds as they attempt to create new holiday-themed treats in this year's challenges. With guest judges Maya Rudolph, Jillian Bell, David Burkta, Bridget Everett, Jason Mantzoukas, and Ron Ben Israel, this season is set to be the most entertaining yet.

The joy of family

Merry Happy Whatever

Most anticipated

November 28 on Netflix

This hilarious comedy is centered around family patriarch Don Quinn (Dennis Quaid) and his close but kooky family from Philadelphia during the joyous days leading up to and after Christmas. Don's philosophy of "there's the Quinn way...and the wrong" is tested when his youngest daughter Emmy (Bridgit Mendler), comes home to visit from L.A. with her new boyfriend Matt (Brent Morin).

So sweet

Sugar Rush Christmas

November 29 on Netflix

Contestants present their Christmas themed treat to judges Hunter March, Candace Nelson, and Adriano Zumbo as well as guest judges Tiffani Thiessen, Liza Koshy, Donal Skehan, Jeanine Mason, Amirah Kassem, and Olympic Gold Medalist Meryl Davis, to try and win a $10,000 prize.

Take note, there will be a quiz

Magic For Humans: Season 2 (Holiday Episode)

December 6 on Netflix

While visiting Santa school, our magician Justin embraces the holiday spirit to teach kids the magic of giving. Between the hilarious reactions and the amazing magic trick, everyone is sure to be in a joyous mood this season.

Danger Danger

Lost in Space: Season 2

December 24 on Netflix

The Robinson family is stranded on the mysterious ocean planet Jupiter 2, without their dear Robot, and must work together so they can make it back to the Resolute and reunite with the other columnists. While looking for the key to finding Robot and safe passage to Alpha Centauri, the Robinson's face new dangers and unexpected discoveries threatening their safety.

Holiday Shows for Kids and Family

Oh deer!

Super Monsters Save Christmas

November 26 on Netflix

The Super Monsters are gearing up to deck the halls and help Santa find his missing reindeer as Christmas Eve arrives in Pitchfork Pines.

Frosty rainbows

True: Winter Wishes

November 26 on Netflix

When Forever Frost escapes the Ice Kingdom with hopes to ruin the day, True sets out on a mission to save Winter Wishfest in the Rainbow Kingdom.

Elf for hire

Team Kaylie: Part 2 (Holiday Episode)

December 2 on Netflix

To help make her friend Amber get through the first Christmas since her mom passed away, Kaylie gets a job with Chewy and Jackie working as an elf for the local mall Santa to help buy the dollhouse Amber always wanted. However, when things go awry, Kaylie makes something far more special for Amber with a creative touch.

Take the reins

Spirit Riding Free: The Spirit of Christmas

December 6 on Netflix

While on a journey to the city on Christmas Eve to find the perfect gift, Lucky and her friends return to Miradero to find an avalanche ruins the holiday festivities.

Lessons in finding joy

A Family Reunion Christmas

Most anticipated

December 9 on Netflix

The McKellan family is back to face the ghosts of Christmas past to help spread Christmas joy while teaching the importance of family, forgiveness, and empathy.

Here to help

Alexa & Katie: Season 3 (Holiday Episode)

December 30 on Netflix

When Alexa realizes that the attention she wants from Spencer, who has started to pull away from her, is because he's starting to lose his hair due to chemo; she jumps at the chance to help him get through it. Katie finds herself struggling to keep the holiday spirit dealing with her work.

Holiday Films Coming to Netflix

Pass the fruit cake

Christmas Survival

Most anticipated

November 1 on Netflix

Two sisters and their families decide to have a big Christmas gathering at their deceased parent's dilapidated country home. Comedy and chaos ensue when the condition of the house, alcohol, and the inevitable sibling rivalry kicks in.

Holiday swap

Christmas in the Heartland

November 1 on Netflix

While on a trip back to their hometown, two girls from very different worlds end up developing a new friendship. They get the idea to switch places for the holiday and experience life from the other's point of view.

To the rescue

Christmas Break-In

November 1 on Netflix

When Izzy's parents are stressed out and running late, they are unable to get her picked up from school on time. Unfortunately, a blizzard makes everything even more complicated. When three half-wit crooks decide to break into the school to escape the cold, they take the custodian hostage, and Izzy decides it's up to her to save the day.

Miracles come in all forms

The Christmas Candle

November 1 on Netflix

A new minister comes to the small English village of Galdbury. This town believes in its own form of miracle. The minister from London plans to modernize the village that wants things to stay as they are. The townspeople believe that whoever lights the Christmas candle touched by an angel will receive a miracle on Christmas Eve.

The new deer on the block

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer

November 1 on Netflix

After a sudden retirement by Blitzen, Santa is a panic trying to find a replacement before Christmas. Elliot is determined to prove that he's the best horse for the job. While taking on the reindeer try-outs at the North Pole, a terrible threat is looming back at the farm. Elliot now must face a ticking Christmas clock and saving his friends.

Let's get digging!

Holly Star

November 1 on Netflix

Sloan, a cash-strapped puppeteer Sloan, decides to return home for the holidays. After a near-death accident where her life flashed before her eyes, she sees a clue about a mysterious series of events leading to a buried treasure. Enlisting the help of her best friend and tango-dancing grandmother, Sloan hopes to solve the mystery and her money problems.

College bound

Santa Girl

November 1 on Netflix

Santa's only daughter, Cassie, is off to college. She is given one month to live in the "real world" and experience life. However, after that, she has to return home to take over the family business and marry the son of Jack Frost. How will life away from the North Pole be for Cassie, and can she keep the secret of who she really is?

In need of a Christmas miracle

Holiday Engagement

November 4 on Netflix

After a long feeling the pressure from her mother, Hillary finally gets engaged — and just before the holidays with family. However, after her fiance suddenly ends it, she has to rush to find a replacement. Hillary posts an ad online and hires David, an out-of-work actor, to place the fiance at the family gathering. Soon, fake love starts to feel real and may become true before Mom finds out.

A heart of gold, not just gold

Dear Santa

November 4 on Netflix

Crystal, a privileged woman living on her parent's wealth, is set to be cut off if she can't get her life together by Christmas. She finds a letter to Santa by a little girl asking for a new wife for her widowed father. After seeking him out, Crystal finds out that he runs a local soup kitchen for the homeless and whose life is much less material than her own. Taking the chance, Crystal begins to see there is more to life than just what she can buy.

Pass on notes, not on love

Christmas Crush

November 4 on Netflix

Georgia, a twenty-eight-year-old woman, is excited for her high school reunion that is scheduled the week before Christmas. She's ready to finally take a chance with her crush from school and start a relationship with her dream guy. However, after catching up with a friend whom she had lost contact with, she realizes that maybe he is the one for her.

If the shoe fits

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

December 1 on Netflix

Kat is an aspiring singer-songwriter who's always in the shadow of her demanding stepmother and stepsisters. After taking a seasonal job as an elf at the local Christmas fair, she meets Nick, the new Santa on the tree lot. When the two hit it off, and she is invited to the glamorous Wintergarden Christmas Gala, her stepsisters get jealous and plan to intervene.

Home for the holidays

The holiday season is packed with schedules to keep and gifts to buy, but Netflix is here to help with the entertainment while keeping the holiday spirit at the forefront. Whether you want a romance story like The Knight Before Christmas, a baking competition like The Great British Baking Show: Holidays: Season 2, a good laugh with the Quinn family in Merry Happy Whatever, or a fun holiday-themed cartoon with Spirit Riding Free: The Spirit of Christmas there is bound to be something for everyone on Netflix this season.

Netflix has quite the line-up for the holidays in 2019. So get ready for everything from movies to series, from romance and comedy to baking and magic this season kicking off November 1.

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