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10 Characters That Need to Be In Dragon Ball FighterZ
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Angry 10 Characters That Need to Be In Dragon Ball FighterZ

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One reason why*Dragon Ball has been able to sustain its popularity for over 30 years is that it has an incredibly memorable cast of characters. Many shows have awesome action sequences, but it’s the characters that help them stand the test of time. With*Dragon Ball FighterZ set to release next year, I can’t help but think about some of the characters I’d like to see in the game.

Check out my*Dragon Ball FighterZ*roster predictions below to see who I want to appear in the Arc System Works developed fighter:

Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Wish List

Hercule Satan

The*braggadocious Mr. Satan (pronounced Suh-tahn) has always been one of my favorite characters. Despite being an accomplished martial artist, his power is a fraction of Goku and friends. Despite this, he manages to become a worldwide hero, and I think Hercule would make for the perfect joke addition to the roster ala Dan in*Street Fighter.*

Captain Ginyu

In a perfect world the entire Ginyu Force would be playable, but I sadly don't see that happening. I'll settle for the Captain, whose mind control abilities could make for a truly unique character. The rest of his squad could also show up as support characters during his specials.


The brother of Frieza, Cooler is an even more rad looking alien soldier. Throw in the "Meta-Coolers" from the sixth film, and there are some really fun ways to play with his abilities.

Master Roshi

While Master Roshi is best known for being a lovable pervert, he used to be quite the fighter in his own right. As the creator of the kamehameha, he can easily fill the role of elder legend.*


Known as the King of the Demon World, Dabura is essentially the devil. I'm a simple man, and I think that's pretty rad. He also has an awesome sword that I want to use in combat.


Yajirobe is far weaker than basically everyone else on this list, but there are several ways to make this chubby warrior fun to play as. While he wouldn't have much stamina, he could use powerful Senzu Beans to his advantage that would heal him completely. It could be the ultimate risk-reward strategy.


The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly is a terrifying character. He's shown as one of the strongest in the universe, so it'd only be fitting that he'd be in a fighting game.


Poor Nappa. He's iconic since he's one of the earliest*DBZ villains, but his death happens so early in the series that he's barely seen. I'm all about giving the big lovable murdering machine another shot, and would love to see him in the game.

King Kai

King Kai is hysterical and is worth putting in the game for his pre-fight quips alone. مرحباs movelist could be fun to put together as his monkey Bubbles could interfere during fights, and his pet cricket Gregory could provide a distraction.

Baby Vegeta

As one of five people that actually liked Dragon Ball GT, I feel like I need to represent the anime spin-off. Despite your feelings on it, you have to admit that Baby Vegeta looks cool. I'd love to see*GT get some love on the roster, even if it isn't likely.

I hope you enjoyed my*Dragon Ball FighterZ roster predictions. There are a ton of memorable characters from the*Dragon Ball series, and this list was limited to only spotlighting 10 of them, so remember that a character not being*picked isn’t a slight against them. I’d love to hear about what*Dragon Ball FighterZ*roster members you’d like to see in the game, so let us know in the comments below.

For even more on*Dragon Ball FighterZ, check out my hands-on preview from E3 2017. Here’s a snippet of what I had to say about the upcoming fighting game:
Since it is a Dragon Ball game, there’s also a big focus on mobility. By hitting the right trigger, players can use a special homing dash that’ll avoid Ki attacks. That’s not all, as they can also do a warp attack called Vanish that has players teleport behind their opponent and land an attack. That costs a guage of energy, though, so it’s important that these special moves are used in moderation.

The fighting in*Dragon Ball FighterZ*is just as fun as it looks. The combat is instantly accessible to anyone that has played a fighting game, but there’s enough unique systems in play that competitive players will have to spend plenty of time learning the ins and outs. Going off of Arc System Works’ track record, this isn’t a game that*Dragon Ball*fans will want to miss out on.

Dragon Ball FighterZ*will release*for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in February 2018.

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